about us

maniraba is a canadian skincare brand, certified cruelty-free and 100% clean! 

rania, the grand-daughter of mani & raba started this brand in 2022 with a strong belief that people of all backgrounds and skin complexions can benefit from simple skin & body care with only few ingredients. it happens that ancient moroccan beauty recipes are still used today and we're here to share and tell you everything about them.

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our story

mani & raba were my grannies, they were gorgeous and they remained so to their last day. both of them used only natural and raw ingredients from morocco for their entire lives. they transmitted a lot of unwritten recipes and beauty rituals that I took for granted at the time being a kid, and years later after their passing, our family still uses the same natural ingredients and beauty rituals. 

I finally wrote the recipes and formulated them. maniraba the brand is born.

this brand is for all of us, no matter who we are or where we are, we deserve clean skincare products, free from the bad, full of goodness. 

this brand is also for mani & raba, my grannies, for their everlasting beauty and for their wisdom and patience.

my promise to you is that I will only use raw ingredients that have proven efficacy, we will get them sustainably and in the most respectful way for the earth, people and animals. our production is 100% handcrafted in canada, always fresh and in small batches with minimum waste.

rania - founder